Thursday, January 21

Valentine's Day Napkin Holder

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! We finished another Valentine's Day project today - it's quick, simple and inexpensive. This will add a festive touch to any table.

What you need:
Pipe cleaners in red, white and pink
A thick dowel rod (or something similar to wrap the braided pipe cleaners around)

1. Take three pipe cleaners (pink, white and red), and hold them together in your hand so that they are all even with each other, and twist one end tightly to hold them in place.

2. Braid the pipe cleaners together and then twist tightly at the end to secure the braid.

3. Wrap this around the dowel rod to get a good shape, and you're done!

That's it!

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Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!
-Lisa :)

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