Wednesday, January 20

Felt Finger Puppets

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Austin has been on a huge reptile kick lately, so I wanted to try and incorporate that into a project. We decided to make him a snake felt puppet, and a monster with a mohawk for Hannah. I stuck to just felt for my daughter because she is only one - Austin's had a little more add ons.

What You Need:
Felt squares - any color depending on what you want to make
Needles and thread (or craft glue - I didn't want to wait for it to dry)
Any add-ons you'd like - we used blue glitter glue for the snakes eyes
Black permanent marker - for details

1. Cut out a piece of felt for the body of the puppet (3.5 x2.5) and fold in half to sew two of the three edges together. If you want to give your puppet hair like hannah's, cut out a small piece of felt the same width as the folded felt, and as tall as you want for the length of hair. place inside of the folded felt and line up the edges so that it's tucked inside and you can not see it (this way when you turn it inside out, the hair will pop up. To make a mohawk, stitch along both the length (top) and one side of the height - the hair needs to be put in place before you sew the puppet together.

2. Turn inside out and you should have the body. Now decorate however your child pleases, and trim the hair half way down to give it a spiky look.

That's it! It took us about 10 minutes to make the puppets, and the kids had a great time with them.

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