Saturday, January 9

2D Perspective Drawing

Most of my posts so far have been directed toward younger children, so I'm going to try and include at least one project a week for the 12 and older crowd.

The pictures above show a mid point for the object and an almost finished point for the object.

Perspective drawing really is not that complicated once you have a firm grasp of the basics. I think this exercise is one of the best beginner's projects you can do to get the hang of it.

What you need:
Pencil (I used a charcoal pencil for this example so it would be dark enough to see)
1. Using your ruler, draw a straight horizontal line across the paper anywhere above the midpoint. An inch or two above the midpoint is usually a good height. This is your horizon line.

2. Draw your object below the horizon line. I would suggest either a square or a rectangle to keep it simple.

3. Choose an area on your horizon line either to the right or the left of your object and make a dot. An inch or two from the edge of the paper works really well for your first try. This is going to be your starting point for all of your connecting lines.

4. Put your pencil on the dot, and use your ruler to draw a straight line from the dot to one of the top corners of your object. Do the same for the other top corner, and again for either the lower right or left corner depending on where your dot is (ex. if the dot it to the right of the object, connect to the lower right corner).

5. Now, take your ruler and draw a straight horizontal line across the top of your object, but higher than the original line. The edge of this line will be the starting point for your vertical line, make sure it's straight and connect.

6. You should have what appears to be a 2 dimensional object with lines extending out of it (the top photo), just erase those stray marks and you're done!

Please let me know if this tutorial was helpful, or if you think a video clip may have been easier.

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Come back tomorrow for another momma craft - we're making cloth napkins from things you probably already have around the house.

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