Monday, January 11

Magnetic Picture Frame

I've decided to start a little early on Valentine's this year so I'm not caught in a mad dash once February rolls around. My son had a great time putting this together, and he already picked out a picture to put in it for my husband.

What you need:
2 Sheets of felt
Craft Glue
3 Index cards
Magnetic Tape
Pen for labeling cut marks
Embellishments (we used glow-in-the-dark self adhesive hearts and swirls)

1.Decide what size you want your frame to be, and cut both pieces to the same size.
2. With your pen, put cut marks where you want the "window" for the picture to be (make sure there will be enough of a ledge so that the picture will remain inside of the frame.

3. Cut out the "window", and put glue on along the outer edges except for the top (see the photo above for an example).

4. Place together and let set.

5. Take the 3 index cards together to form a stable backing for your frame, and then glue a piece of the magnetic tape to the back of these cards. You may have to use a heavy objects to flatten it completely and to help it set. There is an example of this above.

6. Let your child embellish the front of the frame however they want.

7. Once the embellishments are set, glue the non-magnet side of the index cards to the back of the frame and allow to dry.

There you have it! A cute little frame that your child can give as gifts. The colors and themes can change to any season and any design - get creative with it.

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