Thursday, November 15

The LP Infinity Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

I am sooo excited to share this with all of you today! I have been playing around with creating knitting patterns for a few years now and I have finally found the courage to share one. I know that sounds silly, but I always second guess myself, and though this is a very easy pattern, I think it turned out cute and I felt compelled to share. So please excuse any beginner pattern making mistakes. Thanks in advance!
It's also very rare that you will find me in front of the camera, I prefer the behind the scenes role quite honestly. Chris was jumping around trying to act like we were having some major photo shoot and it was a little hard to keep a straight face.
This is easy enough for a beginner, but still a satisfyingly quick knit for the more advanced.

The finished scarf is long enough to wrap around twice, which will keep you nice and warm.
I used Quince&co's puffin in Honey 123. I love it for both the texture and color. You can use any bulky weight yarn for this pattern, though different brands will yield slightly different results.
What you need:
Size 15 (10mm) 24" circular needles
1 Skein of bulky weight yarn (I used about 110 yards)
gauge: 4" = 7 stitches
CO 81 stitches
before joining in the round, twist the loop on the left needle so that the bottom of your scarf is at the top of your needle. This is what will create the twist in your scarf.
1)K1P1 for one round
2)P1 K1 for one round - this will create the "seed stitch"
3) repeat 1&2 until the scarf measures 5" in thickness
4) Bind off using K & P
**Should you end up with two knit stitches or purl stitches in a row where you joined your piece, simply k2tg and that will even it out**


  1. Thank you for this pattern I was on Ravelry searching and searching for something super nice and then I saw your pattern and it's a winner. I'm making three to give to my sisters it's a very nice pattern and super easy thanks again.

  2. Oh my goodness! Months later now, I am just seeing this. But thank you so so much! That means the world to me, truly.