Monday, January 4

Napkin Holders

Let your child design their own napkin holders - this is super easy and fun.
These are drying downstairs, once dry I'll cut them down with an exacto knife and write Austin and Hannah's names on them for their place at the table. Don't have cloth napkins? Don't worry, that's this weeks Momma Craft!

What you need:

Toilet paper roll (empty)
Acrylic paint
Exacto Knife
Ultra fine sandpaper or an emery board
Black fine tip marker
Any extra embellishments your child wants to add or glue on

1. Have your child paint the roll however they want, and let the paint dry.

2. Add extra embellishments and let dry

3. Cut into half inch to 1 inch slices with the exacto knife (an adult should do this), and sand away rough or jagged edges.

4. Have your child write their name on the holder.

That's it! My son loved putting glitter glue all over his roll. As soon as ours are dry, I'll upload the finished project picture.

Come back tomorrow for another craft!

Did you try this one out? If so, let me know and leave a comment, I love getting feedback :)

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