Friday, January 15

Hungry Valentine Monster

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Our project today is this Hungry Valentine Monster. This a great place for your child to put all of his or her valentine's from school and friends - he'll gobble them up :)

I found this project at

I improvised a bit because we didn't have all of the supplies they called for.

To make our monster you need:
An empty tissue box (square or rectangle would work - one would just have a wider grin)
Construction paper
A pen
Pipe cleaners
White felt

1. Tear out the plastic in the top of the tissue box so that it's just the cardboard oval.

2. Cut out two larger white circles (about 1.5 inches in diameter), and then two black circles much smaller to make the pupils of the monster's eyes. Tape the pupil to the white eye.

3. Take the two pipe cleaners and wrap them around the pen to make a spiral springy pattern and tape each eye to the end of each pipe cleaner.

4. Use the pen to put two small holes in the box for the springy eyes and insert each pipe cleaner and tape inside to secure.

5. Cut out a shape for the nose - we chose a heart because of Valentine's day - and glue to the box, and then cut out jagged white teeth from the felt and glue inside of the oval.

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed this project. Let me know...

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  1. I plan on doing this for Michael's Vday party thanks Lisa. - Kristy Sanford

    1. How fun! Hopefully you'll have pics up on Facebook :)