Thursday, January 14

Snowflake Hearts

This turned out really cute, and was so simple!

I've seen ornaments hung like this around the holidays, so why not hearts for Valentine's day. To make it a little more crafty, and to add some small motor skills to the project, we made snowflakes from the cut out hearts.

What you need:
Construction paper (we used pink and red)
Yarn or ribbon

1. Cut out squares from the construction paper - 1 square for each heart, we did 4

2. Stack the squares on top of each other and fold the pile in half, then cut out the heart shape (making half a heart so that when it's unfolded, it will be uniform) - now all of your hearts should be the same size and shape.

3. Fold each heart in half and then edge to edge to form a cone like shape.

4. Cut out small pieces from the edges in any pattern.

5. Open it up and there's your heart snowflake!

6. Measure out a piece of yarn for each heart that you have - all the same length. Thread a piece of yarn threw one of the holes in the heart, and then tie around the top of your window treatment - or where ever you'd like, and that's it.

We did 2 pink and 2 red hearts, alternating in our windows. It's a nice and subtle Valentine decoration that's fun to make :)

Did you try this one out? Let me know, I love to hear back from everyone!

Thanks for stopping by, and please come back again tomorrow for another project.


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