Monday, January 18

MLK Hand Wreath

Happy MLK Day Everyone!

Today we did a quick but fun MLK project. In our hand wreath, we chose three different colors and outlined both Austin and Hannah's hands. Austin glued everything together.

What you need:
Construction paper
Paper plate
Glue stick

1. Stack sheets of construction paper directly on top of each other (however many colors you wish to use), and then trace your child's hand.

2. Depending on their age, have you child cut out the hands (for younger children, you should do the cutting).

3. Cut out a large hole in the middle of the paper plate.

4. Glue the hands on the plate in whatever fashion you and your child choose.

That's it!

I hope you found this post useful today.

Please come back again tomorrow for another project - we're doing another Valentine.

Have a great day!

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