Saturday, January 2

Striped Wooden Snake

This is a little hard to see, I'll upload another photo once it's dry.

We had to make a stop at the craft store today and Austin fell in love with this wooden snake and begged to paint it as his project for the day - how could I say no :) I'm actually pretty surprised at how much he's been enjoying this. It's only been a week and he's already asking me in the mornings what we'll be doing.

What you need:
Wooden snake - we found ours at Hobby Lobby
Paint brushes
Black Sharpie marker or a fine tipped paint bottle for the details

Let your child paint the snake however they want. Let the paint dry completely and then add the details. I'll be adding the eyes and stripes to this guy in about an hour or so and will post the finished picture.

Come back tomorrow for our first Momma craft!

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