Wednesday, January 6

Learn to tie shoe laces

My son recently started showing an interest in learning how to tie his own shoe laces (we've only used velcro shoes with him so far). It's going to take a while for him to learn completely, and my poor husband is tired of undoing knots in his tennis shoes, so I came up with this idea. It's really simple and can be taken anywhere to keep little hands busy (long car rides for example).

What you need:

3 sheets of felt in any size as long as 2 sheets are exactly the same
Craft Glue
Hole Punch
1 shoelace
Glitter glue (optional - for adding details)

1. Take the 2 sheets of felt that are the same size, and fold one in half lengthwise, and cut along the center fold to produce two long rectangles that are the same size.

2. Place these on top of the other solid sheet, and glue along the outter edges of the sides and bottom (this sort of forms little pockets).

3. Cut the smaller piece to place on top of both sheets at the bottom, to create the toe of the shoe. I trimed down a piece of felt to match the size, and then rounded on of the longer sides. Glue to the desired area.

4. Once dry, use the hole punch to mimic that of the top of a shoe for the laces. I marked each area with a sharpie marker. The hole punch won't cut out a perfect circle, but it will be close, you'll probably have to pry it open each time to get it to open completly. Then trim the hole piece off with a pair of scissor.

5. Lace up the shoe and you're good to go!

Come back again tomorrow for another fun project! :)

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