Thursday, January 7

Old Fashioned Scale

The kids absolutely loved this one! It only takes 5 minutes to make, and is super simple. I had each child choose two objects, and then everyone had to guess which one weighed more - they loved it.

What you need:

2 paper plates
Hole punch
Yarn or string
Plastic hanger
Objects around the house to weigh

1. Take the paper plates and stack them on top of each other.

2. Put three holes along the edge of the plates to form a triangle shape, then separate the plates.

3. Measure out 6 pieces of yarn - any length you want, as long as they're all the same and won't drag on the floor when your child is holding it.

4. Tie one piece of yarn to each hole in each plate, then gather the other end and tie to the plastic hanger (each group should have three pieces of yarn).

That's it! Now the fun begins - start weighing different objects, and make a game out of the guessing.

Please come back again tomorrow for another project!

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