Wednesday, October 19

Chalkboard labels - tutorial

I have a wonderful way of forgetting what things are, once they come out of the bags I purchased them in. Especially when said "things" are dried grains. I can't be the only one, can I?
My solution?

Labels! But not just any old label. A chalkboard label so I can change the contents without having to change the container.

Want to make your own?

Here's what I did...

What you need:
Large mason jars - as many as you want
Chalkboard spray paint
Painters tape

1) Cover your jar with painters tape everywhere except where you want the chalkboard surface to be. I also attached a plastic baggy on top just to be sure I didn't get random splatters.

2) Paint the jars according to the directions on your can of paint.

3) Allow to dry and remove the tape.

That's it! I love these! Definetly a quick and easy project that I'm sure you didn't actually need a tutorial for, but it's always nice to see how someone does it. Now to think of other uses for my still almost full can of chalkboard spray paint...

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