Thursday, April 26

Homemade Throat Lozenges

For the last few weeks, a cold has been slowly sneaking from one tiny body to the next, and has ended with me. It always seems to work that way, doesn't it? As soon as your little ones start feeling better and are back to bouncing around the room, the virus smacks you in the face. As if to say "haha, no rest for you!" - yes my colds are out to get me - the few times a year they show up.

I typically don't take anything when I get sick, because I'm never "that" bad. But with my recent fascination with holistic/natural health, I thought I would give something a try. I came across a recipe in the book, The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule - Homemade throat lozenges by Amy Karol. Amy has her own blog that you can check out here.

So, armed with herbal tea, honey and organic powdered slippery elm, I set to work on making my own natural throat soothers.

No. Do they work? Yes, they actually do help. Not like the in your face menthol blasts you find in the store, but they are soothing both to my throat and my peace of mind. Would I give them to my kids? Why sure! Though the odds of my little ones spitting them out with wrinkled noses is high. These don't taste bad, however, they don't taste like much of anything and the texture takes some getting used to.

Overall, I deem this a natural remedy success. I'm happy with the outcome, and this one little recipe made over 60 lozenges that should last for quite some time.

Tuesday, April 24

Catch Up

Wow, it has been so long...

I thought it would be nice to do a quick catch up with photos from the last couple months. I stopped the photo 365 thing. Life happened, as it so often does, and I lost track of a few projects. I decided to just let it go - no sense in getting worked up over the little stuff. I may pick up where I left off and just do it in my own way - though it might take me three years, eh emm...

Anyway, back to the pictures. What better way to start than my obviously annoyed seven year old? He's not such a fan of the camera lately - though that is not about to stop me. He took second place in the pinewood derby a while back, which put him in the running for the "big" derby up north. We had a good time, and in the end, he won 4 out of 5 races.

We have been having lots of "firsts" around here lately too. Stella loved her first Easter and not more than three days later, cut her first two teeth, started sitting up all on her own, and started scooting around the room. My little overachiever - she looks kind of like a sea turtle propelling herself across the carpet with her little feet.
We had a few egg hunts as well...

And a lot of regular days...

Miss Hannah had her first haircut - at three years old! She absolutely loved her trip to the "beauty salon".

All in all, there has just been a lot of life being lived, and not a lot of pictures being snapped. I do have some fun recipes and tutorials to share with you all. I'm really excited about them, so hopefully it won't take me too long to post. I have also been working on a much bigger project that I will definitely be posting about within the next month or so.

Wishing you a wonderful week!