Wednesday, September 1

Austin's G.I. Joe Insulated Lunch Bag

I think maybe I'd rather call this the "Monet Bag". From a few feet away, it looks kinda cool. Walk closer, and oh dear... I am quite the beginner sewer, there's no question about that. For some bizarre reason I figured when I bought One Yard Wonders, a book with 101 projects that use 1 yard of fabric or less, it would be filled with all beginner's patterns. Must be a beginner's train of thought, lol. The book itself is great, and a steal at less than $20 for 101 patterns. There a ton of projects that I can't wait to try!
The really cool part about this bag though, is that it's made with insulated batting. I had no clue what that was until I attempted this project. It's pretty neat, and it just happened to be 40% off the day I bought it - lucky me!
So, aside from the fact that I had to wrestle with my sewing machine, and jam layers upon layers of bulk under the presser foot (at one point I thought I broke the machine), I'd say this was a good humbling lesson for me. I have finally realized that it might actually help to walk before I run with new hobbies (hmmmm, what a strange idea....). But most importantly, Austin has a brand new lunch bag, custom made to his specifics. And I have piles of insulated batting to play with ;)
Take Care!

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