Tuesday, September 7

Apple Picking

We went apple picking yesterday. It's the first time we've gone so early in the season and we could only pick Gala apples. I think from now on, we'll always go this early, everyone had such a good time. The kids loved looking at the rows and rows of apple trees, and plucking their very own apples from the branch. Austin, with each apple he twisted off, would hold it up and declare "What a perfect apple! It will go great in our pie!". So I guess I'm baking a pie... Actually, I'm getting really excited about finding new apple recipes to try out. On our list so far, is of course, The Pie, as well an apple breakfast loaf, some apple butter, and who knows what else. I will be sure to share any recipes I may come across that turn out really well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

Take Care!

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