Monday, September 20

Bread Bag from repurposed Tea Towel

I'm not sure what it is about tea towels, but I love them. Like, really love them. Ohhh, and if it's a vintage tea towel that I might happen to find, my whole day gets better. Yes, that is how much I love them. I would never dare use them as a towel, but I do want to use them. Mainly so I can look at them more often and get some use out of them. They really don't do anyone much good sitting folded on my fabric shelf.

And so, I went on a search for ways to repurpose tea towels. I found a couple so-so ideas, and a book that I most definitely plan on checking out of the library soon (very soon), and then came across this tutorial at

I love this idea too because I've been making my own bread for almost a year now, and have been storing it in plastic bags and I wanted to move away from that. All of the tea towels I collect are made of linen, which will allow enough air passage to keep the bread soft, but not stale. I can't wait to try it out! I think I'll probably do some tweaking on the overall design of the bag. I want it to fit one of my loaves better. When I do, I will be sure to share.

Some of my bread - yum!

To make the bag follow this link to the tutorial.

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