Thursday, September 16

Vintage Little Girl's Winter Hat

My grandma pulled this pattern out of her huge knitting closet (yes, she has an entire closet filled with yarn, needles and patterns), and offered it to me a little while back. I love, love, love it! I couldn't wait to make it! And so I did....

I made the hat out of funky colors because I thought it would go better with my little girl's wardrobe. At least I got that part right... Silly me for not looking at the photo and realizing that my daughter's two year old head would be a bit too small for this cap. It was however, a fun knit, and I plan on making another. I left the pom-pom off of the tip, because I'm just not much of a pom-pom girl.

That being said, if you like the hat, you can have it. For sizing purposes only (of course) I had my 5 year old son try it on, and it fits him well.

The first person to leave a comment in the comment box below gets the hat! If you are the fist person to comment, I will also need you to email me at so I can get your shipping information.

Take Care Everyone!

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