Friday, September 24

Friday Fun - A Fun Picture from the Week

A few days before Austin's first day of kindergarten, we went to the school to meet his teachers and his future classmates. It was a bit hectic to say the least in that room, and we had a pretty stuffed folder of papers to fill out. His new teacher asked that we each take a picture of our child with one of the disposable cameras she brought in, for a project they were going to do during the school year. I snapped Austin's picture and went back to filling out paperwork. Right before we left, while I was trying to figure out a time slot for his parent teacher conference, I heard Austin next to me "Say cheese Mommy!". Without giving it any thought, I turned around, said "Chee..." then realized he was snapping my picture and my "cheese" turned into "Noooo..."

Well, this Monday (after completely forgetting about the whole thing) I opened up Austin's school folder to this...

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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