Tuesday, August 31

Planning for the Holidays

Every year, around Mid-August, I start planning for the Holiday Season.
So many people joke, and roll their eyes at me, but really, it makes such a difference not only financially, but also mentally. Early planning takes most of the stress out of the Holiday's, which allows our whole family to slow down and just enjoy what each day brings.
I thought I would share what I do to plan ahead.
First, just like Spring Cleaning, I do a Fall Cleaning too. Not a massive overhaul though, just a little bit at a time. Organized Home is site that has been soooo helpful to me, I really suggest taking a look at it. They have free print out lists to help you stay organized during the season. The best part (in my opinion), is that they broke down all the prep work into weekly goals for you to follow. Check it out here, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Second, I have a list of everyone I plan on giving a gift to. I keep the same list for each year, so I only had to make it once. From there, I start filling in what I want to either make or buy for each person. I try to put as much thought as possible into gift giving - that's what makes it fun! What's nice about having the list is that when you notice someone mention something they love, or want, you can make of note of it, and have it for the future. This cuts down on so much wasted time. You could keep this list on your phone so you will always have it with you.
Third, I typically finish up my Christmas cards by the end of September. I like to hand write all of them out, which can be time consuming. Whenever I have a few spare minutes here or there, I'll fill a few out and address them. I wait to stamp them until 2 weeks prior to Christmas. When they're all done, I just set them all aside in a bag and pull them out when it's time to mail them off.

Some more ideas.....
- If you have enough freezer space, start making two batches of whatever you cook for dinner, and freeze one for those busy Holiday weeks.

- Make a list of the handmade gifts you want to give (if any), and plan accordingly.
- If money is tight, consider baking or mason jar gifts.
For now, that's all I can think of. We don't obsess about the Holiday's, or go overboard on this or that. Doing these few simple things allows me to focus more of my energy on the spirit of the season with my children, and I feel that's the most important part.
Take Care!
~Lisa :)

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