Tuesday, September 28

Toddler Floor Cushion

I'm sooo excited about this little project of mine! One, because I've never really done a furniture type sewing project, and two, because it started out as a vintage curtain panel. I love, love, love finding vintage fabrics. Giving new life to something outdated, or what would otherwise be considered useless is such a thrill for me - really! Annnnnd it makes sewing your own stuff cheaper, instead of more expensive. I think that was one of the biggest disappointments to me when I first starting sewing - it was just so much money to use everything new. I think one of the biggest tricks to making something new from something old is thinking outside the box (for lack of a better term). Linen tea towels and tablecloths, vintage pillowcases, and even corduroy pants, skirts or jackets usually have enough material to make tons of different projects. When you creatively find ways to mix the old with the new, and pair unlikely fabrics or textures together - you end up with such amazing projects. I'm currently drawing up a bunch of different designs utilizing mainly items found thrifting, and I can't wait to share some finished projects with you!

For this project, I followed someones else's tutorial. This one comes from Susan over at Living with Punks. She has a great blog with TONS of tutorials and creative projects - it's definitely worth checking out.

I do want to add the total cost of this project for me, because it really didn't cost much at all. The retail price of this chair, were you to buy it at say, Pottery Barn Kids, is close to $70 - yikes! Mine, on the other hand, came in at less than $6.00! And it was worth every penny to watch my little girl bounce up and down on her cushion, singing "Hannah's Chair!" over and over again.
Take Care!

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