Friday, September 3

Say Hello to Jack Skellington - sort of...

Austin has a passion for all things scary.

If it were up to him, Halloween would be an every weekend event. So the other day when we came across this pattern on a winter hat search, he started bouncing up and down and insisted we get started on it right away! Unfortunately it's too big for him, so we passed it along to another fan of scary stuff... Hopefully it fits!

You can find the pattern here. Even if you have no intention of creating the hat, please please take a look at the pattern, the photos of the finished hat on (when it fits correctly, lol) are so stinkin' cool! I'm not sure if I can copy and paste the photos here, so really, go take a look. I found it on Knitty (love that site!), and it was designed by Saskia and you can visit her blog here.

I have every intention of making another hat, but in a smaller version to fit my little guy.

Take Care!

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