Wednesday, September 8


We went grape picking yesterday - so much fun! The kids had a great time. Poor Hannah didn't realize you can't eat these grapes right off the vine. She found out the hard way and promptly spit the half chewed grape onto the ground.

Chris and I tried making grape jam, and then canning it last night. It was the first time we ever tried each one, and both were a huge success! It did however take me waaaay longer than it should have, and I ended up being awake until about 1am canning jam. But, now I know for the future. Annnnd, the jam only has 3 ingredients, so simple!

Click here for the jam recipe we used.

Another site I used last night was It's not only very helpful, but also fun to look at. Definitely worth checking out if you're new to canning, or have any interest in it for that matter.

I'm trying to come up with some more grape recipes, perhaps ice cream?? I don't know...

What are some of your favorite grape recipes?

Take Care!


  1. Lisa, I love reading your blog! I feel like I learn something new each time! Could you share your grape jam recipe?
    Thanks for all the great info you post!

  2. Thank you Seija! I'm going to edit the original post so it will include a link to the recipe we used. Let me know if you try it out, it's a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort, I promise! :)