Wednesday, September 22

Canvas Tote Refab - Betz White

I have (had), this really drab canvas tote that I use for the gym. It was terrible, and had a large ugly orange stain on it from who know's what - seriously. I don't know why I kept using it. But anyway, I came across a really simple and super fast way to make it pretty! What's even better, I didn't spend a dime! I used a scrap piece of upholstery fabric that was given to me by Granny Grace (you'll see her name a lot in here by the way - and thank you again!) to cover it. The tutorial was written by Betz White. If you're not already familiar with her work, I highly recommend checking out her blog here.

Drum roll please.........

Ta-Da! I love it!

Here is the before picture - look at that awful orange stain! Blagh!

Start to finish, this took about a whole 15 minutes. To see the tutorial, and easy to follow directions, click here. Or look at the "What I'm Loving Now" section of my blog.

Thank you Betz White :)

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