Thursday, September 2

Free Beginner's Workout Program from a Personal Trainer

Most of you probably don't know that I'm a certified personal trainer. I don't talk about it much here because it doesn't fit my original theme. It is a huge part of my life though, so here we go...

My credentials - because you should always know where your advice is coming from, not because I want to toot my own horn :)

I'm certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M.). They have one of most difficult certification programs in the country, and have set the precedent for all other certification programs.
- I have completed college courses in the following subjects: Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Program prescription and design, Strength Training, Nutrition for Wellness, Contemporary Health Issues and Exercise Science. This is not all of the courses taken, however they are the most relevant.
- I have experience in sports camp, speed and agility training, running programs, special population programs, and individual apparently healthy programs.
- I am current on my First Aid, CPR and AED training.
This is a very basic, bare bones workout for a beginner. A beginner is classified as someone who has not worked out on a regular basis for more than 6 months. This work out is also ONLY for people classified as "Apparently Healthy" and who do not smoke.

As with any new workout, consult a doctor prior to taking up any new physical activity. Should you choose to follow this work out, I will not be held liable for any outcomes that may occur - positive or negative. By following this workout, you assume all responsibility.

Now on to the fun stuff!

About a week ago, my mom came to me, asking for a fitness routine. I thought if I also posted it on here for everyone else, it might help keep her motivated. I've actually had quite a few requests for a beginner's work out, so maybe everyone could help keep each other motivated by leaving comments on your progress below.

Obviously this won't work for everyone, but if your fitness needs match my moms, and you fit the apparently healthy description, than I say go for it!
My mom's fitness requests:
- A beginner's program - inactive for more than 6 months
- 3 workouts a week to start
- No time limits - that makes my job easy! Thanks mom ;)
- Total body shaping
- Fat loss

A good program will involve changes at least every 4-6 weeks, to keep your body guessing, and progressing. So stay tuned for workout updates!
The following workout is designed to be done either at a gym or at home if you have the equipment necessary. I would suggest going to the gym though in case you have any questions, this way a professional will be able to answer them for you.

Make sure to have at least one off day between each workout. For example, you don't want to do Workout 1 on Monday and then Workout 2 on Tuesday. Maybe shoot for a Mon., Wed., Fri. routine - but really, it's all about what works best for you.
For the first week, only do 25 minutes of cardio, then bump it up to 35 minutes for the following 5 weeks.
**Cardio effort is based on RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being super easy and 10 feeling like you're going to pass out - never go to 10!**
Workout (day 1 - hard cardio effort, day 2 - easy cardio effort, day 3 medium cardio effort)
5 minutes of light cardio to warm up
25 minutes of cardio (do anything that gets your heart rate up to the effort of the day, and is enjoyable - elliptical, treadmill, bike riding, speed walking and dancing are all examples).
3 Minute Cool Down
Weight Training (see below)
5 Minutes of Static Stretching
Bicep Curls - 10-12 each arm
Bicep Curls - 10-12 each arm
Tricep extensions - 10-12
Fly - 10-12
Bent Over Row - 10-12 each arm
Fly - 10-12
Bent Over Row - 10-12 each arm
Front Raise - 10-12
Front Raise - 10-12
Rear Lat Raise - 10-12
Lunge - 10-12 each leg - no weights
Ballet Squat - 10-12 - no weights
Straight Leg Deadlift - 10-12
Oblique Crunches - 10 each side
Crunches on Stability ball - 15
Oblique Crunches - 10 each side
What's nice about this workout is that you don't need to rest between each lifting exercise. This is because you are working antagonist muscle groups, which means that while you are working one, the the opposite one is at rest. This ups the calorie burn, and cuts down on a lot of time. I hate wasted time, lol.
Each exercise name is also linked to a website called that will show you how to preform each move. Proper form is key when it comes to seeing results. So many people lift weights that are too heavy to carry out the movement correctly and end up either getting injured, or they don't get the results they want. Always remember to keep your movements at a very controlled pace so that the weight is not being lifted by momentum. You want your body to do the work, not gravity.
Let me know how you do and have fun, that's the most important part!