Friday, August 6

Right Now

Right Now
A weekly peek into our lives right now...

My little guy and his goofy faces - he has loads of them.

Austin's Mohawk hat that was a complete flop - next time I'll have to read the blend ratios better. So, hat number two is on it's way.

My first attempt at making Hannah's old jeans into a skirt. This should fit her for at least another year. I plan on making more so you can expect to see a tutorial soon :)

The accidental knit jumper. I had no idea what I was going to make when I started this, but I'm thrilled with the results. Pair it with a pair of candy cane striped leg warmers, and my little girl will be all set (should I add that the legwarmers are still just balls of yarn?).

Almost finished with my first sweater!

I tried making an elf hat with our a pattern, and it's too small. Looks like I'm going out to get a pattern...

A favorite part of our days.

Our Goober girl, she looks so intimidating in this picture, I love it. She's really just a giant lap dog.

Another favorite of ours...
Have a great weekend everyone!

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