Wednesday, August 11

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My baby girl is 2 today, and I wanted her to have her own day on the blog as well.

Wow, I can't believe it's been two years since she was born! She has been such a joy since the moment we first held her. She still MUST have Piggy with her all the time. Thankfully we haven't lost him yet, though there have been so many scares, I think he might have to be put on house arrest :)

She just LOVES her "berry cake", so naturally, that's what we had to have for her birthday. On, of course, the strawberry cupcake stand I made for her last week.

Coloring is one of her favorite things to do, but the poor little girl is constantly sticking those crayons in her mouth. I'm not quite sure what they're made of, and long story short, it freaked me out. My solution? Crayon Rocks! Love these! They're made from bee's wax, soy, and minerals, and are completely non-toxic. She's a lot more interested in her "color rocks" than regular crayons, and is learning all of her colors with them as well. These were probably one of the best gifts she got.

Here she is in the birthday dress I made her. I don't think she really knew what to do with the ribbons and paper...

My baby girl also loves her balls. And I LOVE that her big brother was thoughtful enough to know that, and pick out the biggest pink ball he could find, just for her. She's lucky to have him, he really is so good to her. I hope it stays that way...

Hannah loves guessing the colors of my toenails, and is always asking for "pretty toes", so I figured it was time to let her. After a long and drawn out search for non-toxic, earth friendly nail polish, I finally decided on Piggy Paint, and I can't recommend it enough! I might just switch over to that myself. Their tag line is, "It's as natural as mud", and it is.

The minute I opened the box holding these adorable hand-knit socks from Nana, Hannah dropped to the floor and stuck her foot in my face. Which of course meant, put those on me NOW Momma.

My little Miss Priss is getting all grown up....

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