Monday, August 30

Hannah's Night Dress

Is huge.....
I love this fabric, it has a vintage feel to it, even though I'm pretty sure it's not. The fabric came from Granny Grace (thank you so much again!), and I used Betterick pattern 4647. I left off all the extra trim it's supposed to have. I like a more simple look -in my mind however, this turned out a bit different, lol.

Hannah loves it though, in case you couldn't tell from the photo's of her dancing around the living room. I should mention, she does have a tendency to pick up any large piece of fabric and start hugging it while declaring that it's "Hannah's Dress!" - seriously.

Maybe in a few years she'll grow into it. Just in time for her to decide that it's not pretty any more. Something tells me she'll be a bit more opinionated than she is now, all though that's hard to imagine!
I have enough fabric left over to make Austin a pair of pajama pants, and maybe a pair of ruffled house shoes for Hannah too... And of course I'll share those with you when I finally get to them ;)
Take Care!

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