Tuesday, November 13

Kid's Bathroom Update

For the last few months I have been on a make-over roll. If I could, I would re-do every room in our house. That's not really in the budget though, so I have been doing my best to tweak things in every room just enough to create a new, fresh look.
I showed you the playroom a couple of weeks ago and today I want to share the kids' bathroom.
I really wish I had one of the awful before pic's for you. I was so motivated to paint one night that I did it all, by myself, after I put the kids to bed. Taking a picture didn't cross my mind until AFTER everything was done. Just imagine an ugly square metal bar where the white cabinet is, and unpainted, blank builder walls. It's a dark room with no natural light, and all the unpainted walls gave off a yellow hue. No matter how clean it was, it just felt dirty to me.
Gray is pretty popular right now as a wall color, and I must say I absolutely love how it makes white pop. I figured that would be the perfect solution to my dingy wall problem. Lot's of gray and white.
My first step was removing the old, ugly hardware from the wall, patching any holes and then painting it gray. We use Dutch Boy Refresh. It's a non-VOC, "green-standard" paint base that is both affordable and locally available. It's not 100% VOC free once you add the color, but it's close and practically odor free - we love it.
After the paint dried, Chris hung the cabinet for me. It's one of those cheap build it yourself cabinets that only set me back about $25. I added the pretty (well I think it's pretty anyway) background to liven it up a bit. I love the storage this added to the room. This bathroom is SMALL, like really, really small, and only had under the sink storage. So this added to the functionality of the room. I need to find a way to sprucen it up a bit with decor pieces.
I found this vase at World Market that I had hoped would fit inside the cabinet's bottom shelf, but it was too tall. So I popped it on top. I'm not sure it works, but it does add some more height to the space, which helps.
Oh! And my favorite part of this update, and what inspired the whole thing - these hooks! LOVE them! They are from Anthropology and were definitely a splurge, but they add enough interest to the space to make them worth every penny.
The white shower curtain is actually a liner. I plan on using that until I find a white curtain I really like that doesn't cost too much. But for now, I think it works great as is. It might just end up staying, I haven't really decided yet.
Here is the best full bathroom shot I could get. This kind of gives you an idea of how tiny it really is. I did have wooden picture frames hanging on the walls before. I've painted them white, and I just need to make some wall art for them. I'll share those when they are done.
Do you have any home updates in the works right now? I would love to hear about them!
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