Thursday, November 1

The Halloween Fairy and a Great Big Thank You!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween yesterday! It was pretty cold here in Northern Illinois, but we bundled up the kids and they didn't seem to mind. I wanted to share a quick pic of my kiddo's, all ready for action (grandma Gayle is manning the stroller here). I took gobs of pictures, but this is the only one where you can sort of see everyone's face.
Before I go any further, I just wanted to say Thank You so, so much for stopping by here and taking the time to read my blog.
 Yesterday, this little blog of mine reached 20,000 page views!
 And, not only that, it's climbing quickly! While that may not seem like a lot to more experienced bloggers, it's a Great. Big. Deal. to me - and I thank you for it :) For the entire first year of my blogging experience, I averaged about 25-50 views a week - yup, that's it.
So thank you for reading, and pinning and sharing!
I value every single reader, and I read every single comment, so please continue to share :)
We have a Halloween Fairy at our house, do you?
If you celebrate Halloween, and went out last night, I'm sure you ended up with a piles of candy. It's so much fun to go door to door and dress up, but the just the thought of all that sugar sends chills down mine spine. Lucky for me though, my children are more than happy to offer up their bags (after getting to eat whatever they want Halloween night) in exchange for a suprise from the Halloween Fairy.
Wishing you a wonderful day!
-Lisa :)

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