Thursday, June 9

Tiny Knit Hat

Oh how I wish you could feel the softness of this cute little purple hat. I swear, it's the softest texture I've ever laid my hands on. The yarn is baby alpaca, and was purchased here. The hat has space to thread decorative ribbon along the edge, but I decided against it - I like it just the way it is. You can find the easy to knit pattern here.

I've used baby alpaca before, and nothing is as soft as the yarn I used for this project. In fact, I made our little not-quite-here baby girl a sweater and shoes out of this yarn as well. She'll be born near the end of Summer, so I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of these as the air becomes chillier. The sweater and booties still need buttons, so I will share those another day.

And, when our baby girl out-grows this little hat of hers, Hannah's baby doll will have a new accessory...

Take care!

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