Friday, June 17

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, some days, I have to remind myself that the day is not about how much I can get done. But really about the moments I have with my children. That missing a blog post, or only getting one row of knitting is just fine. A homemade meal, hot and ready on time, three times a day, just is not a reality right now, and that's okay.

These are the times when I seem the most able to relish simple pleasures. Something as small as a butterfly fluttering across a little ones shoulder as it races away. Or an unexpected "I love you momma", right when I think I'm at my wit's end.

Today, right now, the simple pleasure I'm loving the most is this jar of flowers. The entire house smells so sweet and light. And the image itself just makes me smile every time I walk by.

What's your favorite simple pleasure right now?

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