Wednesday, January 30

The Calming Art Effect

 Every once in a while, we have one of those crazy, harried mornings. You know the ones where your youngest decides 4am is the perfect rising time for the day, and once the other children get up, no one knows where anything is, or what they deem tolerable to eat for breakfast. Goodness, throw shoes, jackets, hats, gloves and snow pants into the mix and it's a full-blown morning nightmare.
These are the mornings that I decide the gym can wait. The to-do list can wait. In fact, any plans at accomplishing anything other than drinking a hot cup of coffee in peace can wait.
When we get home from dropping my oldest off at school, I set up the table easel and let my daughter go to town with a stack of paper in any way she chooses.
These mornings, more often than not, turn into the greatest days.
I truly believe allowing some creative outlet during high-stress moments offer the best calming effect around.
While my older daughter creates, my youngest either snacks and watches, or joins in the fun with her crayon rocks. 
And this child waits for food to drop... eh hem...
The entire time, the children are engaged in creativity. I get to sit and enjoy a HOT cup of coffee - a commodity around here. But the greatest part, is that while creating, they open up and talk to me. Some of our best conversations have occurred before the sun rises, painting and drawing at the kitchen table on mornings like this.


  1. Lol! Great idea :) Found you on Mostly Homemade Monday and would love to have you share this today on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!

  2. Thank you Lisa :) I will do that!
    Take care,
    Lisa :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope to see you again this Sunday!