Tuesday, January 15

Saving Time By Saving Money

(Homemade pumpkin flax dog treats) - source
By trying to save as much money as possible this year, I also seem to be saving myself time. Yup, that's right, time. I never paid much attention to how often I looked up products either for researching, price comparing or reading sale emails. Turns out, it must have been a lot. Pair that with reduced shopping trips - I'm doing my best to only go once a week and I have been finding myself wondering out loud with my children "what to do".
We have played more games, colored more pictures and spent more time in the kitchen making things. Why didn't I start this sooner?? It has been wonderful.
It has also been harried. Ample time allows for ample boredom, especially in children used to being on the go. We can't just pick up and walk to the park right now because it's freezing outside. So we - eh, "I" -  are still trying to find good sibling squabble distractors.
Thankfully my children do enjoy time in the kitchen and as long as I divide the work up evenly, we are usually good.
This weekend we went to town making healthy dog treats (recipe attached to link above), ricotta, pumpkin scones, loaves of bread, sauerkraut, extra-large batches of potato soup to freeze, vegetable stock and granola bars.
Doing all of this serves double-duty, both keeping little hands and minds occupied and saving us money by making food from scratch.
It's a win win!
Have a great day!

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