Monday, February 8

We Did It!!

We finally did it!
We picked up and moved our family to a new state out in the country.
I stopped blogging a while back for various reasons.
However, we are here now. My kids are older and I think I have a better handle on my time now that I'm older too - stinks how those two things go hand in hand.
The calling to write has been with me since childhood - it's about time I started listening.

Hello, hello, hello! If you have been a reader since the beginning, you will know just how amazing and incredible this is for our family. We are here, in the country and ready to live our dreams. I am going to go ahead and skip over the last two years of absence - so much changed, and I can't even begin to try and summarize it for you right now. Maybe another day....

I do think I can manage to catch you up with our current situation...

We moved into our new house the day after Thanksgiving in 2015. We are just now, over two months later, starting to get settled in. We were not exactly the most organized and ended up making multiple trips back and forth across states to get fully moved in. Whoops!

The first picture in this post (see above) is in our back yard. Swoon!! I'm in love with it here. Below are a few more...

My oldest daughter has been so captivated by the sunrises and sunsets here. She ran out that morning yelling "Momma! catch me with the sun!" - seriously - heart melting

The big family Christmas gift was a trampoline that has been seeing plenty of use. Both the littles and the adults find themselves out there almost daily...

Our front porch view...

We welcomed a new family member. I would like to introduce you to Spikette, my oldest child's dream since the age of three. She's molting here - it makes my skin crawl - but he loves her and I love him...

And me and the Goobs hanging out on the front porch together listening to the birds. It's our routine we share before the rest of the house wakes up. I was super excited we got to bring it outside in January.
We have so much planned - it's hard to not try and do it all. I've read so many times though that it's better to focus on two big things each year, and then move on from there. For us, that's a huge garden (we are starting our indoor seeds tomorrow - eeek!) and chickens. I have pages of DIY projects lined up for us in between that I will be sharing. As well as lots of crafts.
Talk to me here...
Leave me some comments or send an email - what do you want to see in the blog this year?
I'm super excited to be back!!
More posts to come soon!

Take care!!

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