Monday, February 4

DIY Sewing Cards for Kids

My little girl has taken an interest in sewing lately.
She's come up with all sorts of fun projects she wants to complete - sewn crowns, doll clothing, princess dresses and matching pajamas for her and her sister - just to name a few.
I want to encourage her to pursue this, but something about a four year old and needles just doesn't sit well with me. Part of the problem is that she wants to do most of it herself - which is great and nerve wrecking at the same time.
 It took a while, but I was able to convince her that if she practiced enough on her new sewing cards, I would let her start using the real thing. I haven't decided just how much "practice" she will need, maybe a year or two?
We made our own sewing cards, and it was really easy to do.
What you need:
Scrap book paper (optional - you could also use computer paper and decorate it or leave it plain)
3 or 5 mil laminating sheets (I use 5 mil)
Hole puncher
1). Using your paper, cut out desired shapes.

2). Place shapes in laminator sheets and then laminate them.

3). Trim around each shape, making sure that all the edges are smooth and rounded well. Take your hole puncher and punch holes along the edge.

4). Cut a long piece of yarn and then wrap tape around each end to stop frays and allow for easy threading.


That's it! Super easy, and for us it was free because we had all of the supplies already.
Happy Monday Everyone!
- Lisa :)
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